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Lost (Reprise)


If you see me

And I look lost

It’s because I am

Being lost is nothing new

Nor will it ever be outgrown

But this time your forest has tricked me

This whole time I thought your trees were giving shade

But they’re actually keeping me in the dark

It has been a long three months, but I’m somehow surviving

You are in my sight always but to you I am a ghost


There has been no rescue effort

No search party

Because you cannot save what you do not know needs saving

Too far gone is the path in my past

But too blurry is the path that leads out

So I accept that I am here for a while

But progress is no stranger

Your navigation is no longer my lifeline

Finding the way out is a responsibility that now belongs to me

After time

After one too many circles

I will get out.

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Lost (Reprise)
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