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Lost Memories

Eventually They Disappear

My memory and mind

are starting to fade

quicker now than before

it's starting to invade

I've had enough

of grasping onto my mind

what used to be my past

I now cannot find

The memories are fading

my mind is going dead

I've always known my problems

but it's never been so Red

Soon it will be gone

my present and my past

I had always thought

that memories were made to last

The moments I used to cherish

are now becoming new

they hide behind things

and never seem true

I miss those days

where I felt alive

but now I can barely remember

who is by my side

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Dana Sheridan
Dana Sheridan

Hi. My Name is Dana and I am 18. I love writing. I mainly enjoy writing things that are emotionally strong and so I tend to lean more towards Poetry. I post most of my poems on Wattpad or instagram but I wanted to do more with it.

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Lost Memories
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