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Lost Love, Burning Hope

A Poem of Need, Desire, and a Longing for Affectionate Belonging

The night was cold and the air was still. As their bodies were one by nature and will. Growing in passion and embracing the burn. Their sensual serenity and cosmic yearn. They had pulled to one another after so many years. The many a heartbreak and rivers of tears. Finally they had found love where no know could know. They dared to trek where no one dare go. Their bodies now twisted in endless desire. Causing the flames of physical sin to burn higher. The story of how they came to thee. The events of how they came to be. The lessons they both encountered and learned. The paths they took for love to be earned. They were lost to each other at an early age. Friends from the start, their loss was their rage. For evenings into years they were in each others mind. They lied about the pain to their love ones to be kind. They missed their soul mates, their one true belong. After all this time, each other's touch they did for long. Searching high when able to breath and prying low when able to speak. Destined to follow their paths so split, In the back of their minds the other always did sit. Longing for the day that they could be finally as one. And let the damage to their hearts finally be undone. Then upon one day so kind, they found each other again at last. Their hearts were healed and souls were mended, and their separation was a thing of the past. Now upon this fateful night one year since their return. They let their inner animals break free, and show the other what they truly yearn. Now at last they have their love, and cherish their long lost affection. Making sure to steer their years together in an ever lasting direction.

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Lost Love, Burning Hope
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