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Lost Love

A Poem

I can't seem to find love. Have you seen it? It's been hiding from me my entire life. Am I not looking in the right places? Did it fall off a bridge and drown? Maybe love does not really exist. It is only a mere fairy tale told by others who wish to only dream. I've only found the generic version of love. The kind that gets old and wrinkled. Torn apart by monsters that hide behind such beautiful masks. No one deserves that kind of love. I want real love which always seems to find and touch everyone's heart but my own. It's like love is playing hard to get with me. A game that I have been losing for a long time. I've thought about giving up and letting go of love but in the end love is always flooding my mind. It is hope that guide's me through my darkest nights. Love is lost, leaving a trace of its footprints behind. Lost love can always be found. I'd swim through the deepest ocean only to get a glimpse of it. I know love is out there somewhere. This time I shall have love come find me.

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Lost Love
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