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Lost in the Magic of Lust

"He set her soul on fire, took her heart and ran."

We are lost in the magic of lust.

I don't care about your scars, cry if you must. My heart aches for you, oh God let it be us.

A whirlwind of feelings I can no longer control. My head and heart hate the other because I can't let you go.

My soul screams your name, this I can not deny. And each time were together, I hold it all in, because I never know of its our last goodbye.

You pull me in time & time again. Why is it always the same story? "He set her soul on fire, took her heart and ran."

Years of this on going love tragedy, I can't seem to break free of. This deep feeling of need that I call love. A girl can only do so much when push comes to shove.

I'm taking this indesisve heart of mine, and reminding it who I am. A girl afraid of vulnerability but always took love by the hand.

I no longer want this fear of love. I no longer want my pride. My heart needs to let out all I've held inside... 


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Brooke Coffell
Brooke Coffell

Writing is the only way to express myself thoroughly. All of my work comes from journals I have wrote in and saved over the years. Deep is a understatement. 

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Lost in the Magic of Lust
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