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Lost in Love...

Could it be changed?

   I should have questioned it from the beginning, even the way you asked for my hand.

  Never thought to doubt the process I was just in shocked that I had a man.

We fell before meeting.

   I should have waited to see. That the words your were saying were really you  and that you could except the flaws that made me... me. In time we grew closer, the love I felt really began to show.       Understanding what it meant to truly be in love, something we clearly didn't know. Focused on all my flaws you beat me down with each word. Always leading with a closed heart and mind, my cries for love were never heard.

  A constant back and fourth. You tried, I tried, pretending to be happy but honestly, we never should have lied. Stuck in many past moments, tired of waiting for you to see. That to change me you needed to change yourself. But speaking my mind has never really been me.  

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Lost in Love...
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