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Lost Heart

Incredible Moments


Is what I think when I remember our nights together,

Cuddles that warmed me to my very core,

Late night talk till we lost track of time,

And got lost in each other's souls,

Wasn't it such a wonderful time, place and feeling?,

Winter always felt like spring when you was around,

You warmed the bitter chill into a comforting breeze,

And trees never looked as lush and beautiful after then,

Heartbreaking that we don't have such moments anymore,

Sweet as you were, you turned spring into winter,

And executed my heart right in front of me,

My soul bled to death profusely that nefarious night,

You helped me lose the capacity to love anymore,

I miss those marvelous moments every single day,

But I do not miss you in any way any day

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Olawale Lawal
Olawale Lawal

Words give me life and there's no other form of perfection that comes close to painting exact and vivid pictures with words.

That's what I try to do each and every time I pen down poetry.

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Lost Heart
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