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Lost Galaxy

A Space So Vast I Cannot See

Wandering towards the end. 

Wondering where my life begins. 

Mind so far away in a galaxy I cannot name. 

Standing in an empty room

A space so vast that I cannot see

Beyond the past memories that haunt my dreams. 

Everything that lies in front of me

No longer is as it seems. 

I lay here awake

As the rain falls on my face. 

I call out your name

But it echoes so far away. 

My heart beats faster

As I wait to hear you calling back. 

Wondering who I am. 

Wondering when the grains of time will end. 

My mind dancing 

Around the stars that I have never seen. 

I’m far away in an unknown galaxy. 

Lost in the mist of time. 

Waiting to feel your hand in mine. 

My blood courses through me

Like a burning fire. 

I cannot breathe in a lost galaxy. 

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Ally Lowther
Ally Lowther

I have been writing ever since elementary school. As the years have progressed so has my writing. I fell in love with poetry when I was in middle school and it has ever since been my way of expressing my deepest thoughts and feelings. 

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Lost Galaxy
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