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Lost Cause


it's a rat race

can I keep up the pace

just look at my face

you can see the disgrace

so fearfully in place

but that's not the case

it's just time and space

and they're just words

between the lines you find meaning

between the days you find reason

throughout the night you find something

better than nothing

taken for granted

taken away

now what do you have to say?

rarely come out to play

to serious today

today is here to stay

it's all the same

but it's a new day

but my mind and motives are here to stay

making a way

paving the path

using my will

in hopes of making this last

holding on

searching for more

what truly matters

my heart grows and gathers

love, respect, an eagerness to learn

still forced to sit in line and slowly wait your turn

practice what you preach

reap what you sow

try to pass on

the little that we know

taking time to grow

takes time to show

it is so hard to let it go

your heart says yes

but your lips say no

can't produce the words

there is no flow

fuck what you think you know

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Lost Cause
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