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A Poem for the Lost

A long road to nowhere.

I'm lost.

Like a forgotten love letter of health.

Flowing through the atmosphere's cold, arid breathe.

Needing to find his way home.

Stamping his love that's untold.

Misplaced and gone,

Like me, I'm lost.

A road so oblique, yet seemingly plumb.

My feet, numb so they walk, yet him, he runs.

He's a blur on a page, far far gone.

I wrote him down, for love's breaking bond.

He's tough, now mossed.

Like me, I'm lost.

In a forest so cold with frost that scolds.

My letters they freeze and my words they fold.

Gone in the night never to return.

As I sit and think to say so stern.

Like the long lost letter.

Forever, I'm lost.

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Alexander Stephens
Alexander Stephens

Just writing about life. Join me in the journey to figure out this crazy world! I'm 18 years old and feel like my thoughts should be heard, so what better way than to write. I write poetry, stories, and give advice.

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