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I’ve tripped

and fallen,

thoughts clipped of their wings

but never blessed with holy water.

I’m afraid of you

and what you do,

to the devil waiting patiently for the sound of your name.

Your lies have departed.

Now what will I do without the ache you bring?

I’ve said these words

a million times,

and before you,

I never meant them.

Now you see my weakness,

but yours I still have yet to find.

I’m in your world,

you forced me into it.

Willingly, I take your hand

and this I can’t understand.

My trust isn’t something

to be given away to pretty whispers in the dark.

But with you, something is better than nothing.

I’m lost in this town of battling prides,

but I never call for your help.

And just when I feel like I’m at the bottom

of your coldest secret,

your smile, oh boy, that smile,

it makes this war worth while.

I’ll raise my sword up to your neck and dare you to love me once again.

But I knew you’d let me down,

because I always let it happen.

My eyes are blinded by familiar tears.

but I wont go down so easy.

Not this time.

Not while you’re still lost

in the woods of this forgotten love,

trapped in the same mayhem our naive hands have unleashed.

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Sharlene Alba
Sharlene Alba

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