Lord Henry Wotton

The Picture of Dorian Gray

Across a room I glanced

Meeting auburn eyes

That captivated my youth

and held the universe inside

Never have I seen

two windows so wide open

As words flowed I could feel

My world into being being spoken

New gravity took hold of me

I felt it from the start

His epiphanic discourse

Took grip upon my heart

Paradigm shifts commenced

That dwarfed Valdiva’s quake

My naïve soul oblivious

To the things that were at stake

His mind a force of nature

Intelligence acute

He changed my whole life’s thinking

With his logic so astute

All at once my old life’s ties

Appeared to have been snapped

Dropped in an unfamiliar world

With no way to turn back

Exquisite devastation

poured forth from ruby lips

His knowledge was torrential rain

Where I only knew drips

Lord Henry, did you ruin me?

Or did you set me free?

The making or the death of me

We shall have to see.

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Lord Henry Wotton