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Looking for Love and Peace

True love brings peace.


I looked for love, I looked for peace, I looked around the world hoping to find my true love and with it my inner peace. But little that I knew, you were in front of me. For an instant, I lost hope to love and to even find peace, but God sent me a sign, that soon I was going meet that special someone that would bring peace and love to me. So I kept waiting for such gift without knowing that you were standing smiling in front of me. Now, I am glad I opened my eyes that day and got to see what was in front of me. How blessed I am for having you by my side, for you have filled my empty heart with love and an inexplicable peace. Thank you, my dear love, for such gift, now that my days are over, I can say I loved and was loved unconditionally, and now I can depart in peace.

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Looking for Love and Peace
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