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Looking for a Father

What is a girl to do?


What is a girl to do…

With a father that no longer meets the criteria?

The girl who use to be…

Daddy’s little girl. The daddy

That used to carry her up the steps if

She fell asleep before the movie ended.

What is she to do after losing him.

To the many females he never told her about.

And then forgetting she needs

Some type of compassion.

How the fuck will she learn to cum…

If she never found the right guy

To discover passion with.

No not the type of passion involving sex.

Just the love…

She lacks the ability to love.

Looking for a father in every guy.

Allowing the wrong one to enter her.

What the fuck will she do when the right guy

Is not her father?

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Crissy DXCII
Crissy DXCII

Married👫 Elio's mommy👪


Writing & Ink Drawings

For the Love of Poetry mananger.

IG: @for.the.loveofpoetry @bycrissydxcii_poetry_ink

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Looking for a Father
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