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Looking Beyond the Light That I See a Story of a Job Corps Student

A Poem

As I look beyond the light that I see,

I wish I was only by the sea.

Hearing the waves of the ocean shores,

And hearing the Laughter and the cash in the stores.

But here I am looking beyond this light that I see,

I wish i was there instead of here so i can be set free.

Here i see only numbers and buildings, a barcode for everything

I feel trapped in a prison that I put myself in, I signed the paper myself.

I work for the government, because i needed help by the government,

I had only little education and no food, or a home to stay in.

I thought this was a way to restart, a reset button, but i look at it now,

as another link to my chain, another book that i carry. another cell to stay in.

But sooner or later i will look at the light again and

see that it is right next to me. I reach out for the light and I touch it.

I will then zoom through the stars and swing through planets.

And then i will be beyond that light that I see

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Looking Beyond the Light That I See a Story of a Job Corps Student
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