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Lonely Park

A Poem

Via Pixabay

old friend back under California skies

I said “I hope you never leave me, and go hide”

go hide your insecurities in the dark

in the distance, in that lonely park

you're painting your skin with every shade of blue

like you said “I love you”

but I guess that really is not enough

for that dark volcano in my heart that’s going to erupt

you said that you love me

with those eyes

those eyes just light up the dark

you decided that it’s not your place to stay

so you left me in that lonely park

my insecurities open up my heart

and I failed to restart

I can’t restart anything that we’ve done

just to relive, and be done

cause now I’m screaming your name

hoping that you’ll give me a chance to stay

cause I hate this small place in the dark

in the distance, in that lonely park

you said that you were here to stay

but I guess that some promises we have to break

cause you're growing older to this day

changing, growing without my pain

that’s why you left me in that lonely park

in that lonely depression of the dark

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Lonely Park
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