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Living Between Two Roofs

A poem I wrote way back for Asian Pacific American Heritage Month.

I live the life of an American

but have the heartbeat of an Asian.

I don’t really know my true home,

I just carry these flags of two nations.

Divided by water, I’m so far away from

what could have been my home.

I brokenly speak my parents’ tongue

like it’s some type of loan.

Told to live normally

by forgetting my heritage.

But this yellow skin wraps

around me like a bandage.

If I take them off now,

my white wash will bleed out

Jeremy Cueto
Jeremy Cueto

I’m a fan of fiction and poetry. My love for writing started from poetry but after taking classes and exploring the different forms of narrative, I now spend most of my time writing narrative. I also have an Instagram @poetic.mimzy

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Living Between Two Roofs
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