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Little Worms

A poem of anxiety

Photo by Caroline Bailey

The following poem is about how anxiety makes me think and feel sometimes. It becomes a constant thought that every little smile or laugh that you aren't a part of is about you. What you just said or did is a reason to make fun of you, always. Paranoia can be all consuming.

Little Worms

The sneaky glances

Hushed laughs and

Silent whispers

I know your words are about me

My mind screams like a siren

Why cant any of you face me

And let your words be more

More than little whispers

More than inside jokes at my expense

Let them sting my ears

Let then put worms of doubt in my dirt

Let them claim what little is left of me

For once I have fallen I will not arise

But become food to those worms

The worms you planted

The worms you scattered inside me

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Little Worms
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