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Little Owl Clock

Back and forth, back and forth.

“It’s okay to sleep in,” The little owl clock said to her. Its fake owl eyes bouncing back, and forth back, and forth and back with the seconds. Owls are wise, especially this one. It comforted the sleepy girl, telling her nursery rhymes and jokes, it had secrets it told, and it never forgot to say good morning at 6:04 AM, when her mind and body aligned, flawlessly punctual every time.

One day, she woke up, at 6:05 AM, and the owl clock had flown away. Comfort gone, no note left behind. The sleepy girl trusted the wise owl clock, although she missed it. The mornings started coming faster, and she was waking up later, and later. 7 AM, eight, 8:45, ten, 11 AM, 12. Four PM. She remembered what the wise little owl clock had said to her, “It’s okay to sleep in.” Sleeping so late didn’t feel right, and she started to question her missing owl’s advice.

She woke up, six PM. The little owl clock had flown back, she was delighted. “Little owl clock, where did you go! I spent the days sleeping, tired from missing you.” The only response she got was from its fake owl eyes, bouncing back, and forth back, and forth and back with the seconds. 

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Little Owl Clock
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