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Little Doll

A Song to Mourn Loss of Innocence

original work "Stitches and Secrets"

I will put on the dress

Pink lace and frills

Tight as you like

With stockings and heels.

I will never leave you

I'll never age

I will not fight

As you let out your rage.


Close all the windows

Turn down the photo frames

Cover your Bibles

God will forgive you anyway.

What they don't know

Won't hurt a soul.

What they don't know

Won't hurt a soul...


And I will be your little doll

You can dress me like a princess

I won't tell a single soul

I'll keep all your darkest secrets.

I will be your Lolita

I can make your dreams come true.

Keep me safe in the darkness

And I will always return to you.

I'll struggle away

Pretend I'm in pain

I know how you like

To play our games.

I'll try to run away

I know you like the chase

And I will cry

As you foil my escape.



Did you really believe

That I would stay silent?

Did you really believe

That I meant anything I said?

Now I'm going to ruin you...

Now I'm going to ruin you...

Now I'm going to ruin you...

Now I'm going to ruin you...

Chorus 2:

I'll never be your little doll

I am not your fucking princess.

I'm gonna tell the whole damn world

All of your disgusting little secrets.

I am not your Lolita

I'm going to make your nightmares real

I'm going to expose you in the light

And you're gonna drown in your guilt. 

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Little Doll
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