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Little Billy

Short Story

Little Billy was a dreamer. He dreamt that one day he would be really tall. You see, Little Billy was 12 years old and he was only 2 feet tall. But that never stopped him from dreaming. One day Little Billy was walking through a path he never noticed before. As he kept walking the path he noticed everything started getting smaller and smaller. Until he reached a door and on the door, it said: “knock and enter only if you’re a dreamer.” Without hesitation, he knocked and entered. A wave of white light shined down on him. Little Billy rubbed his eyes to see, and looked around joyously! There were other little people just like him! He didn’t have to change to be tall! He simply had to be a dreamer and that was all.

Jenny Chi
Jenny Chi

I like to write, sing, dance, and cook.

 I used to be a bit shy but I'm slowly working on my confidence. 

I have a son who changed my life and my views on life. 

Positive vibes only <3

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Little Billy
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