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I wish you would’ve met her.

Poor Lisa, 

I wish you would’ve met her.

Real nice girl with a real bad set up.

Broke for years, she was 16 years old

Kicked out the house cause she fucked

The wrong nigga so...

He got her pregnant, left her ass after that

She felt bad straight miserable after that.

Ain’t fall flat, she held up her ass

Caught a job at Dominoes,

Simple cash, pat ya back.

She didn’t wanna sell her ass,

Had self-respect.

No house, no bread

She was wishing she was dead.

Didn’t see it coming she was hanging on a 


All wrapped up in this world with no friends.

Then again, thank the lord for holding

Up his end.

Mans don’t talk but he blessed her with a boy.

A lil shawty out here makin’ noise,

Now she gotta kid on her hands, oh joy!

But she still don’t gotta home,

Bare money to own.

By the way she was blind, didn’t mention 


Walked around with a stick

Plus the one with full clips.

Had to keep it in clutch, turned few niggas to 


Through the years she lost her tears,

Plus a couple of fears.

Mom of da year! 

Her catchphrase: “Don’t fuck with this here!”

Niggas beware, she ain’t with none of your 


She would do anything to protect her own kid.

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