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Liquid Life

When the Drink Talks Back

My brothers and sisters have

come and gone.

Each of them taken faster than

the last.

I see them in the corner,

Scattered and dusted.

The last of my sibling is in

His hand.

To lips.

To throat.


I know i am next.

I remember when I arrived at

this place.

I brought him happiness from a loved one.

They couldn't have known

How this will end.

He slumps from the chair.

Barely able to carry his body.

We stare each other down.

Like he would be the one to shatter if he fell.


The first step.


I've watched him become this man.


Everything he is, is because of me.


An empty bottle of man.


He grabs my body.


Removes the lid.


Stares at my oozing insides.


I'm not ready to die.


I'm sorry i did this to you.


I'm sorry.

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Liquid Life
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