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Everything is love.

We are nature. We are the universe. We are one. 

Deep down you know this. 

The big picture is only about love and light overcoming a fearful world...

We are mates meeting again and again, trying to get better, to understand ourselves and each other. 

You are nature to me. 

Have you ever met someone who makes you comprehend most things without even using words? Makes you see love and its connectivity to everything else? Someone who makes things seem holistic? Some souls are like that. They possess so much freedom that it rips open your old views on the world. 

The passion they feel, for life itself, makes others want to change their ways, their perspectives. 

Just like yours. 

For a few seconds I see everything. I see what it is. What we are meant to be. What we really are. The power we could have if we truly loved ourselves. 

We are nature rebelling against itself but all we need to do is accept our link with our earth and our natural divinity. 

The bond is important. This earthly bond.

It affects my soul and vessel in ways I can't explain...

What is this essence that I feel? The one I've described a million times without truly succeeding at grasping it...

I think it is truth. 

And sometimes it's all I want.

When I think of you, there's no what if? No time. No distance. 

Nothing but your eyes. And they are nature; every storm, every jungle, every wave contained in your gaze. 

You feel like eternity. It seems that nothing matters, if even death cannot keep our beings apart. 

Death is merely illusion.

There are worlds we can make with our love.

I see our past. The thousands of lives I've lived next to you.

It isn't just a simple way of loving, easily explainable... It is way more. Every kind of love is inside us.

You've been my heart, my warrior, my servant, my neighbor, my sensei, my friend, my healer, my enemy... My secret, my forbidden love, my mate, my best friend... 

Life after life. I've known you differentely. 

Ultimately, I've loved you in all of them. 

The passion my soul feels for yours ignites them, triggers them to recognize each other in every way, in every life-span. 

You're nature to me.

You're everything pure, everything chaotic

I think I can never stop loving you... Even if I tried. 

There is freedom inside you. There is pure chaos



And somehow even more magical than the colors of the Universe merging together. 

My soul needs your smile. That is the only thing I know for sure. 

It contains what soulful essence is made of. 

For a few seconds I see everything in your eyes. 

And it's embedded in my soul.

I see our future, the next lives we are going to get where we find each other without even looking

We are meant to feel close. 

I see you - I've seen you - in different colors, shapes, genres. I've seen you throught the trees, under the oceans and in every playful melody. 

I've seen you through different eyes and still I know you. 

I recognize you, no matter the disguise, no matter the temple. 

My love is unwaved, unconditional. 

It's you. You're here. 

You're the realness in a world of illusions. 

You're you.


I can't let you go. 

I see everything in you.

It's embedded in my soul.


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