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Like Steal

A Poem

Rebel Heart by Madonna

At night I lay in bed

and there is like a bomb ticking

in my head

and I try to dismantle it

with the power of faith

with the light force of breath

And believing

in every God I know

to revel what l am here for

to show me the right road

But the ambition cracks

my heart twists

my feet are sore

and I still walk alone

like a dry thorn

my ego lies in his velvety tomb

I should give up

business is unjust

however it runs

I cannot prove myself to the world

there is another show on

I'll be strong if I have to go on

but I cannot think no more

still as a stone

I went too far pushing hard

to rise the bar

but have bumped back down

and I feel the steal

Cold, sharp, and clear

in my heart

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Like Steal
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