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Like a River

In the Ground

Can you still read me

through this vapour too?

and the false truth all I want is you

I am a vessel of your youth

and it really happens

once in a blue moon

like a flow in the veins

inundates body and mind,

all five senses and brain

can you see too?

can you figure me and you?

I love the rain and I play in vain

we climb an invisible grid

this is my deeper belief

it's a one way street, slippery

back and forth, juggling

Struggle of nurturing feelings

playing a duel in a court

we are sensing a scramble,

a screwing turning point

beyond our world

I crash with it, naked

again and again,

until I think I will understand

I surrender,

I get into this new land

to me l cannot pretend

too hard to extinct a drive

as the feeling of a knife

I need pain to set myself alive

this burns in the air like a firework,

this is a sharp sound

it run inside, profound

as a river in the ground

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Like a River
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