Emery Ryder
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Where Darkness Lives

I am stuck,

Like a speck of dust trapped in a black hole;

I'm enveloped by a darkness that is never-ending,

A blackness that seems to get darker as I fall deeper into it,

With nothing but a fading light to guide me.

I am lost.

Like a hiker without a map;

Stuck in a seemingly endless forest,

No end in sight as he walks for hours upon hours,

And nothing but a broken compass to guide him.

I am trapped.

Like a prisoner in a cage;

Surrounded by walls that seem to creep ever-inward,

Unable to breathe as his world seems to shrink slowly,

With nothing but a broken stick to try and free him.

I am unhinged.

Like a man who has lost all sense of reality;

The world folding in onto itself over and over again,

As if the world has been shoved into a kaleidoscope,

And nothing but a pill to help him.

I am alone.

Like a girl walking the streets at night;

Afraid of the predators who lurk in the shadows,

Sending shivers down her spine as she feels them watching her,

With nothing but keys between fingers to defend her.

I am defenseless.

Like a wounded animal left by its companions;

Scared of death as it waits at the edge of its periphery,

Feeling its body turn cold with each heartbeat,

And nothing but the sky to calm it.

I am scared.

Like someone staring into the face of the Grim Reaper;

Knowing that death waits for them on the other side,

His cold touch just inches away from them,

With nothing but their perseverance to keep going regardless.

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