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Light & Dark

Part 1

You breathe in the life surrounding

You see the sun rising above

You hear the birds singing near

You and the one you love. 

You touch his arm and say

You are the one for me and

You wonder how things could get better for

You dream of the sand. 

You gaze out at the water waving at

You see something coming towards

You notice the clouds hunting

You can’t feel him now as he cowards.

He cowards from you and there is no light.

Praying for you on his knees.

Where is my girl, I’m losing sight.

Too many clouds, I cannot see.

They twirl, they twist, they rip.

There’s no more girl left for them to hide.

She wished and wished, moving her lips.

Her heart trying to catch a ride.

It couldn’t.

Fell behind it did.



He would stay if she was sorry,

If she didn’t mean to,

If it was an accident,

If she could come back to the 


He would stay if she did something else,

If what she did was forgivable,

If it was an accident,

If she could come out of the


He couldn’t.

Left behind he was.



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Light & Dark
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