Logan Rockich
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A Poem

when I was 8

I coerced my friends

and neighbors

to act out stories

and create new characters

no matter how silly

we looked

when I was a kid

I would spend hours

after school reading

immersing myself

into new worlds

it became

my escape

i had no idea

that it was

my lifeline at the time

I read those books and stories

all the time

not because

I had nothing else to do,

but because

I desperately wanted

to be inside of them.

like, for real.

one day

I looked at myself

and realized

I'm a lonely soul

it's possible,

it's true.

my teachers would tell me

that I couldn't listen to

simple instructions

I was always off

in my own world,

they'd say

Logan is always daydreaming

or reading during class.

but he works hard, and

he has an imaginative mind

does his brain

ever slow down?


– written 11/4/18 –

adapted from a poem by Alicia Cook

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