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Lifeguard Poem

The Wonders of Being a Lifeguard

Up, down, up, down.

Light bounces monotonously.

Her face like a fish,

Up, down, up, down.

Tick of the clock’s tock,

Boredom O’clock.

Splish, splosh,

Splish splosh.

Pointless rhymes, for a pointless girl.

Tick tock, splish splosh.

Eyes of red, forehead creased,

Nose filled with the same old smell.

They come, go. In out, in out.

Row by row, to and fro, up down, up down.

In and out they go,

Those souls I’ll never know,

Nor care to know; them or me.

I stare,

day in,

day out.

“what a hero” Said unto me,

“hero, that’s me, hero of my mind.”

My body rains in the heat, sweat beaten from every pore.

I keep looking at that door.

tock, splish, Tick, splosh, up, down,

Row by row, to and fro, in and out

They go. They who never know, nor care.

I sit and stare monotonous,

Like air.

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Jac Renouard
Jac Renouard

a 25-year-old English and half French writer. I love writing articles, poetry and scripts! I have so many interests from films (what I got my degree in) to yoga, health, humanity and the wonders of the universe! 

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Lifeguard Poem
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