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Life's Beaten Path

Halfway through is halfway there.

Saifanar Bos Pinterest

I can hear the whispers of the woods, walking late at night under the full moon.

Trees swaying with the slight breeze Mother Nature has gifted.

Flowers lie dormant, asleep somehow, waiting on the morning sun and the night fall to be lifted.

Passing over the running creek, moonlight being my only guide.

Kicking stones, ducking tree limbs and gathering pieces of wood that has drifted.

My boots get buried in the mud.

My arms filled with my findings, my fingertips are numb.

My feet are cold and my boots are now wet on the inside.

I still have a long way to go and I have to take it all in stride.

I try to ignore the whispers of the woods that surround me.

But yet, at the same time, I find myself wanting to understand what they are saying.

My mind is scattered and I'm distracted, there are too many words at the same time; sounding evil and snide.

They all blend into one and communication seems to Mother Nature's biggest challenge.

I remain on path, blasting through her obstacle course.

It almost seems as if she has designed it to deter me somehow.

Strangle me with her twisted vines.

Smoother me with her poisoned earth making me to breathe in her particles.

Confusing my senses interfacing night light with day light.

Giant temperature drops the minute the sun goes down, causing me chills deep down in my bones.

Morning sun brings with it heat to no avail.

I'm covering my eyes to see, using my bandana like a veil.

I won't let her get the best of me.

I've traveled down this path before.

By the end of my journey, it will be her mercy I implore.

With this knowledge I still plunge forward, looking back no more.

Halfway through is halfway there.

I will learn from this trek, I always do.

Life's chosen path I find I must take.

So much to lose, so much at stake.

All the knowledge I've gained since my last trek, I've packed away for future use in my backpack.

And when this road seems too risky, or I fear I will lose, I sit for a moment to examine my pack.

I sort out the easy ways, ones that are given.

I pull apart the hardest and the choices most unforgiven.

The strength that I need that now serves me best, are the tokens I find in the bottom of my vest.

The nightfall stays steady, the moon still aglow.

I repeat to myself a few more miles to go.

My boots now too heavy give pull on my back, and tires me some and I start to slack.

But bull-headed and determined I stay on my path.

Certain to finish because there's no going back.

Life has become treacherous, so many lessons I've learned.

The badges I wear are all that I've earned.

Anything good comes with a price you must pay.

I break for a moment to welcome the day.

The sun rises again bringing in her glory.

This is my legacy, this is my story.

Now dawn is upon me, I stand up to stretch.

I put together my gatherings fitting them in my pack.

Geared up and focused I continue my trek.

Stepping so lightly on life's beaten path.

Completing this journey will grant me pride and some joy.

Wisdom I pass down to my baby boy.

Hoping he learns from what he has heard.

Teaching him values from what I've endured.

Making him stronger with each step I take.

Creating a life with each journey that's made.

I pause to take in a very deep breath, filling my lungs with the grace that she brings.

The morning air seems cleaner, my head so much clearer.

Almost like a reward for making it through the rough night.

Like a prize that's given for choosing this plight.

But each of us knows, some things we don't choose.

Some courses we win and some we will lose.

But each journey that's made we must be grateful for, finding the strength to push on, to keep wanting more.

Wanting better in your life to pass on to your kids.

Working harder for them knowing that you did.

Erasing our errors hoping they forgive.

Hoping life isn't so cruel or as hard as it seems.

Praying for mercy and all that it brings.

Clearing the way for them down Nature's path.

Learning to depend on themselves is all where it's at.

Listening to their hearts as well as their minds.

Living in the present letting go of the past.

Continuing to grow and stay on life's path.

All this should help them move on and never look back.

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Life's Beaten Path
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