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Life Is Unpredictable

So here's some advice.

There is always a calm before the storm

Things aren't always how they seem,

Things don't always go according to plan,

Life is unpredictable

When life hands you lemons,

make lemonade

When someone doesn't follow the script,


Life is unpredictable

You have to roll with the punches,

The show must go on,

You pick yourself up and dust yourself off,

You have to take the world by storm,

You have to hit the ground running,

You're not a force to be reckoned with,

Life is unpredictable

You overcome obstacles,

You jump over hurtles,

You get thrown off your game,

Life is unpredictable

Fight fire with fire,

An eye for an eye,

Revenge is just a bittersweet fruit,

Bred from the forbidden tree,

Life is unpredictable

It starts off like normal,

Typical sunny, warm, day,

You go through the motions,

But then get pulled away from your day,

Life is unpredictable

What's here today,

Can be gone tomorrow,

What's news today,

Becomes old tomorrow,

Life is unpredictable

Friends forever,

but you haven't talked to them in a year,

Family first,

But you're always at work,

Life is unpredictable

Only rainbows after rain,

The sun will come out again,

The grass is greener on the other side,

Think of the glass as half full rather than half empty,

Life is unpredictable

No pain, no gain,

Beauty hurts,

The truth hurts,

It takes heartbreak to find the one,

Life is unpredictable

You go into your own world,

Time seems to stop,

The world seems to freeze,

But really life's still going on,

And guess what?

Life is still unpredictable

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Life Is Unpredictable
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