Remember to always try.

so many people

too many times

so far away

from life

looking down the road

the long way?

or the short painful way?

which will you choose?

the long way?

fun full of life

full of friends and family

good times bad times

but let alone the best way

or the short painful way?

full of hurt despair lies and hate

full of enemies and being alone

nothing but pain

let alone the worst way

so which road will you choose?

long? or short?

best? or worst?

friends? or no one at all?

i choose the long road

but still ended up on the short end

i dont have many friends

im hated for reasons i dont know

so if you choose the long way

be careful of what you do and say

cause it will change your life

so may things you could do

but so little time

so live your life while you're still young

cause when you get older

you will wish you had

never forget to "live life to the fullest"

"never regret something that once made you smile"

"life is what you make it"

"live laugh love"

no matter how hard life may be

always keep your head held high

never let what people say bring you down

show them that

you are stronger than them

fight for what you believe in

never give up on something

or someone you believe in

always wear a smile when you're sad

laugh when you wanna cry

life is hard to get through

i would know but i do

have people that do love

and care for me and that

keeps me strong

find people that

make you happy

that let you be

yourself that wont

judge you

there are people out

there that will accept

you for who you are

they will help you get

through the road you

choose it's up to you

if you let them or not

always have faith in

yourself and others

time is all it takes

to trust love and have fun

always walk with your

friends never let

them leave if

they want to

fight to keep

them with you

remember the fun times

for in the future

they were what makes

you unique and you!

be a lover not a fighter

but fight for what you love!

cause if you don't you

will loose the thing/person

you love

believe in yourself

follow your dreams

listen to your heart

don't listen to your mind

if you love

someone go after them

if your mind tells you

not to, don't listen

you'll be happier if

you did

way too many times i've

been hurt by listening to

my heart but that's life

there has been many times when

i have listened to it and things

turned out great

don't listen to people if

they only bring you down

don't listen to them if

they always hurt you learn

to ignore them eventually they'll

leave you alone

Janetta Poitra
Janetta Poitra

I'm a mother of 2 girls. Azalea born 12/12/2012 and Scarlett born 5/11/2017. I am also the loving fiance to my wonderful boyfriend of almost 6 years! 

I am looking to share my poetry with the world. My family said to start somewhere :)

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