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This one's for you.

Sun is rose up, birds chirping and mother.

Pancakes and Xanax, 

Clamouring for a dose of serotonin,

Cigarettes and crushed leaves,

Voices flourish like a sunny day at the market,

Random chitchat, small-talk aplenty, 

Fright of life as we know it, 

Lingering guilt, wishing, hoping, wanting, 

Truths are hardly present.

Brisk pace to see if you left, 

Mocking, whispering, complaints,

Diamonds are a girl's best friend. 

Sunscreen lathered up,

Fake smiles and Diet Coke. 

Boredom, boredom, pressure, labor,

Sinking, fading wonderment.  

Demolition of a heartbreak, 

Stating atrocities for the ranks,

Forced laughter, caught up with reality,

Haunted obligations under the rug, 

Slid into a slick puddle,

Weather permitting trauma, 

Fatal memories of the best possible thing.

Seasons of change were in the forecast, 

Born in a minute, or not,

Feels like a sick deal, kissing with the light turned out.

Kissing in the rain, in the night, no light, out of sight,

Deep flowers planted in your soul,

They have a firm place.

Panic, panic, panic, don't, 

Drowning in a sea of fraudulent acts.

Fake it til you make it?

How 'bout, brace it til you ace it,

Milk chocolate and fear,

Tomorrow drummed on, yesteryear, 

Ink spilled over a canvas of white,

Kids bus home alone with no promise of a hotdog,

Friends, crew, parents, lovers,

Uncles, aunts, cousins, brothers. 

Last cry for help ease up with no desire, 

Race for a few good ones who care,

Peak at the moment of those blamed,

Sunshine vanished in the spotlight, 

Burning for a long road ahead, 

Oasis of the abyssbal out for all. 

Oil and water, it's all the same.

Stemming towards the other side, 

Jeering you to forward to the point of no return,

Houses for sale, retail, cake on a plate,

A really, really good second date,

Hours later put out to pasture, 

Young people and old, all the same, 

Tasks for daily lives, pork and rice, 

Hopping chairs, milky thighs, 

Read bio of a Tinder, 

Maddening of interests tested the waters,

Quick suck of those lips, get it,

Jelly bones of the broken down, 

Empty shell person with no reason for this life. 

Grey skies hung over like a sheet,

Traveller with a dead end plan,

Bells sound from a good distance now, the people knew it. 

Greenery landscape for a glimpse of the day, 

Tricky something, cute but they were in their heads. 

Cursing the hand that fed you, 

Dampening crutch to hang on, 

Snapped hazardously as a weak thread, 

Daunting to hear, easy to touch,

Hot, hot, hot. 

Clean up on aisle four,

Availability of life someday soon,

Damaged, crushed, countless hours,

Gutted the decision to reenter the hell of life,

Death was near, long we fear.

Pale blue veins in freshly dead, 

Scarlet, ruby, crimson, 

Marooned with the highest level justification, 

It warranted a mark on the first time, 

Bashed away a sense of the real you. 

Neurotic rules of the west,

An era a new time,

Frantic but solid, it was cosmetic. 

It was copacetic, energetic. 

Unapologetic, and languishing,

How did you manage? 

The oohs and aahs,

It got to most, suffocating, 

Laughing, you just are. 

Fighting for a second with you, 

No chance of vocalists cutting in,

Oblivion, menstruation, 

Curly hair, long reads on a plane headed nowhere,

Icy cold pizza for breakfast at noon,

Beaches and Christmas, Crab Rangoon.

Shattered the wine bottle,

Sticky sweet tangy, sharp and deep,

Lovers of the world fell, crashed into a void. 

People holed up in a bakery,

Pressed hands of those who love you, 

Friends, lovers, fighters, 

Plotting the end of the world,

Roses scattered around a grave,

Girls like me didn't get a chance,

Tucked away from the flames,

Blinked once, twice, three times in vain.

Glass shattered the floors, covered in fresh blood,

I had a goldfish once, 

Her name was Crackerz.

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