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Maybe not so much as yesterday!!

Painting a New Tomorrow!!

I have a new path to tread now

Or maybe the same one I once had walked..

But it feels new, it feels different!!

I look forward to move ahead, Hoping what comes across is going to make me strong

I am looking forward to accepting the new challenges

I am looking forward to the new tomorrow, I guess

A ting of sadness for what is lost pokes me though,

Times lost on the path to "LIFE" rewinds in my mind

I want to go back, but wait - I can't

Cause something waits for me ahead

I hope this tomorrow turns me into a Shining Star!

Hope it will be the start of something worth treading the path

Hope it teaches me lessons, I yet have to learn

Thinking of it as a new beginning to a wonderful tomorrow

I give in and decide to walk through this journey

The path I had once tread, with seasons changed

The path I had once tread with "Hopes" as new as Today!!

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