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Liberation of Head+Heart Games // Salt Wounds+Midnight Blues

Something I'm Going to Tell Someone Very Soon

Don't talk to me

if you


have anything


to say.

Don't talk to me

if you can't


what's been

in my head

for the past

four months

that's left me


which is worse

than cryin'

every night.

Don't talk to me

unless you've

figured yourself out.

Seems that you haven't.

Don't talk to me

unless you


and completely

love me.

It seems

that you're 22

and can't speak

for yourself

at the right time

or place.

It seems

that you're 22

and too much of a


to make a

big boy move.

I'm 17

and I know

what I want;

I know

what's in my soul.

I'm 17

and I know

what to say

at the right




for certain people

and things.

I know how my head


I know how to use

my voice

for better or for worse.

I know what my heart


I know what my gut

tells me

is right.

And you don't.

And that's why

you're a piece of shit

to me.

Honest hurts

but I don't care

cos I'm moving


Not like you cared


You played

with my head

and heart

for months

but I'm not going to

fall into that


I'm not going to play

one more game.

Not again,

not ever again.

And sure as Hell

not when I'm

on the verge of

being 18;

on the verge

of everything.

You're not

going to hurt me

this time.

No guy

is supposed

to mess

with my

head and heart;

that's my job.

Fuck you

and your


Fuck you

and your

inability to speak

what you think

at the time

when I need it

the most.

Don't talk to me


Don't come back at me

until you've sorted

through your head.

Maybe you weren't

for me.

You probably

weren't meant

for me.

You probably already


a better

white girl

out there

waiting for you

with the same level

of lassiez-faire

so you don't

have to


to shit.

So you can fuck

and not have to

say that

"I love you"

and all of that


that you don't

believe in.


that's not a real


I'm done playing games.

I'm not falling for


or any other guy

for that matter.

I'm done

fucking with



"us" was.

While it still does

fuck with

my head

and my heart,

I'm done

with you.

Bye bitch,


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Lauren Day
Lauren Day

i surf. i travel. i take some photos here and there. i life alot. 

i think. i write. i think some more. 

then something cool happens where i write until my bones ache.

end of story. 

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Liberation of Head+Heart Games // Salt Wounds+Midnight Blues
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