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Letting You Go

Poem About a Dark Heartbreak

You saw that I was tame and vulnerable

I was easily breakable, destructible

You saw a sweet nature and a dash of innocence

You found a way to lie in elegance

With a twitch in your ear covered by the sadness in your eyes

Made me feel sorry and sympathetic for your life

My head was telling me to run

But my heart was sure this wasn't going to burn

It was delicate and fragile but I definitely should have ran

Just like the lion and the lamb

At first you made me feel loved

Just your presence alone felt enough

But then as soon as one thing changed

Your whole personality elapsed

And I didn't recognise you any more

I loved you more than I could ever scream

But now it's just like a movie on an old screen

Now I see what you put me through

I came out black and blue

But at least I'm still alive

I still have my own little thrive

I'm still me inside

You laid there, choking my air

Picking away at me so bare

When my breathing became harder

You sucked the air slower

And I didn't even know

But this is me forgiving you and letting you go

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Letting You Go
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