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Letter to Kathleen

To a Girl I Used to Know

I recall that time five years ago

When you captured me and stole the show

Your shy blue eyes captivated me

And made me think that we were to be

The best of friends

But, after two years, what happened to us?

Oh, so quietly, you made a fuss

The hazel-eyed boy I used to know

Captivated you and stole the show

To my disdain

Of course, as fits of blind passion do

He wasn't very good to you

Yet, as my tears flooded our room

And, by sorry, I had been consumed

You kissed the boy

I sometimes wonder how you're doing now

Did you find true love again somehow?

Is the hazel-eyed boy still in your life?

Do you kiss his dry lips every night?

I want to know

No matter what has happened to you 

I can't help but miss the girl I knew

The shy girl with the soprano voice

Who made my soul feel truly rejoiced

Where did you go?

I suppose good things must come to an end

And so, I will say good night, my friend

I'll place a rose on your grave one day

The grave of the girl who swept me away

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Letter to Kathleen
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