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Letter from a Crime Scene


She started writing the letter to him.


And she froze, not responding to the

Brain filled with insecurities that she was

Dreading to reveal.

Not knowing what else to imprint on to the

Sheet of desperation.

Desperate to find out why she was writing.

She continued…

“P.S.," that is all she could think of.

“P.S. I no longer need you to pity me.

You can be alone with her now in our bed."

“P.S. I fucked your brother last night.

I should of married him instead."

“P.S I thought I was paranoid but

It was just a nightmare I would dread"

“P.S this was all because I saw you and

Her in our bed fucking and her giving you head"

“P.S I though I would give this to you

But now you're dead"

She signed it with their blood.


          Your future widow."

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Crissy DXCII
Crissy DXCII

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