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Let It Begin with Me

Be an example.

Let me be an example in the chaos

Let me be a voice in the silence

Let me be a light in the darkness

Let me be wisdom in the confusion

Let me be depth in the wading

Let me be strength in the weakness

Let me be a compass in the storm

Let me be peace in the misery

Let me have perfect set of words to say to someone who needs it just as much as I do

Someone who feeds the same demons and travels the same road to the same Hell

Someone who spits fire and feels the same guilt and shame when they face themselves in the mirror

Someone who understands when all you can do is nothing at all

So bruised and broken trying to find a way back home

Why is it so hard to picture a life without all the pain

We torture ourselves and give ourselves such a low esteem

Like we're a small price to pay for the guilty pleasure of giving in to that perfect sin

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Let It Begin with Me
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