Leaving Summer

Season I Love

Summer is almost over

Over too soon

not enough warm days left

I hate goodbyes

When I was a child 

summers were long and lazy

school was out

play all day til

the streetlights came on

time to go home 

but more summer play

the next day

now I am older

I laze outside

with glass of wine

in hand 

trying to make each

day last


never enough time

when you are 


goes too quickly 

wish it would last

 I still love 


don't go yet not yet

stay please 

oh well there is Autumn

I love Autumn.

Edwina A. Lewis

Fifty something single female who has had the desire to write since a young child. I like to express thoughts in my journal as there always seems to be something going on in my brain! Looking forward to starting this new journey with words.

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Leaving Summer
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