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Learned Lessons

Coming to Terms

Looking through the eyes

Of rose colored glasses

Where everything is warm and bright

Where even the dark

Has a little shine

Mistakes I’ve made

To let you assume

To create the illusions

That you think you know

I now see

That I played you

As much as you played me

I’m sorry but also not

It was a lesson

That I’ve never forgot

I have sides that are hard to see

Deep down beneath these walls

I love the silence

To be on my own

No sound

No noise

No talking of any kind

So exhausted by all of the chat

The talking, leaving, and never coming back

I learned to love

What I may never have

To let it go and see what happens

Hoping for the best

Being grateful for every test

You have come this far

Darling I know that you can survive the rest

I believe the soul

That glows from your chest

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Learned Lessons
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