Calonte Thomas
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Lean into Your Greatness

Burn Bright

Lean into your greatness

Show them what you see

Never let that tiny voice tell you, "You can't be!"

Light a candle against the darkness

Let it burn 'til it shines bright

Within yourself you know

That there is worth beyond your strife

I stand tall and unflinching

Sending my strength throughout the world

So on the day I'm called to fight

My wings I can unfurl

I only falter slightly

Creating rough edges to my girth

But believe me when I say

I'm a wonder upon this earth

I hear angels whisper to me softly ...

"Let them see you worth."

You weren't chiseled out of stone

But molded out of clay

Your curves and softness don't make you weak

It's where your strength doth lay

A giver of love and laughter

A receiver of eternal light

You shine abundantly not just for yourself

but for all those that see your might.

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Lean into Your Greatness
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