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A Poem

I thought your love was endless

Summer, spring, winter, fall.

the leaves leave their branch

And end up alone,

The earth loves them still.

Just like you did,

Or so I thought.

I have discovered

That the beauty of the leaf does not disappear

Even though she strays from her home

The beauty of the leaf is not where she is.

On the branch, in the air, or the ground.

The beauty of the leaf is where her soul is found

Inside her veins, her stems, her sound

The way she whispers in the wind,

Singing lullabies in your ear

I thought you loved the leaf,

Because she is free.

Little did I know,

You loved the leaf because you could

Set her free.

Good riddance.

I wish for nothing more than to be the leaf

On the majestic branch that is your rooted soul.

But when it was time to say goodbye

I fell to the ground,

Hoping to return.

The wind too strong,

The love too weak.

And in a couple weeks,

You had grown and loved another leaf. 

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