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Lay Upon the Cosmic Hand

An Acrostic Composition

Lay Upon the Cosmic Hand

Into the mysteries of life you navigate by the compass of your ambitions, aware that any path you

choose may speak of love or may assault your soul with the spears of failure and rejection. It’s mostly

a lonely journey wherever goes the heart given the push and pull of energies you feel from others, and

the decision you must make to grasp me that seeks you. I am not discovered easily, but I am found

when you are ready. The quest provides clues to its own truth because the answer already exists in

the realm of divine occurrences. The paradox is a noble one, for the only certitude you can postulate

is incertitude. Love cannot be defined or encapsulated in any manner more than you can ever seize by

the limits of your own imagination. All that is really known is that the unknown is a vast repository

of possibilities and probabilities. But it will always extend into an infinity that your mortal life cannot

encompass. There, beyond the reach of a human hand I lay upon the cosmic hand, a mystery that

hints of the known yet often provokes consternation with riddles. Such mysteries of the need for love.

Copyright © 2019, Joseph Civitella.

Joseph Civitella
Joseph Civitella

Joseph Civitella, PhD, is a life-long student of metaphysics – the quest for truth, meaning and purpose – and is an ordained minister in the International Metaphysical Ministry. He operates the School of LifeWork (www.schooloflifework.com).

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Lay Upon the Cosmic Hand
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