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Late Night Mind

A Process of Contemplation

If I held my breath

To make it to you

If I lost my step

To find my way through

If I wrapped myself in this star shape

Would this mind melt into the waves?

And I could breathe these molecules of you and me

And sing a song that drowns in this sea

I could reach my hands up to the sun

I could fill my lungs with color and sound

To be completely unraveled... tousled on the ground

I could bury my feet in the roots of that everlasting tree

And my branches would stretch back into that dust

My journey here would finally be enough

And don't feel sorry for the leaves

They know their purpose is to fall

Don't lament the broken seed

It had to crack to grow tall

All we have is ourselves in this cacophony

But when we hold each other through—we find the hidden symphony

So my home is in the cold of night

An eternity of miles through scattered light

Burning in a frozen landscape

The darkest void where the light takes shape

And I won't resist the space between

It's where creation is born

And life begins to breathe

So I'll hold your hand if you want, while I'm here

I'll help make a map of your battle scars

And show you—there's nothing to fear.

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Late Night Mind
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