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Last Winter

November 2018

Man and Woman Contemplating the  Moon  

-Caspar David Friedrich  

On a dreary shore I stood

Turning from the pressing waves

Hungry for some greater sweets

To fight the darkening days ahead.

Down the winding path I trod

Through the old and wizened wood

Where ancient trees with mind not known

Have stood for 40 years or more.

Sun dipped low with orange hue

The tired town appeared in sight

I take some rest on rock well hewn

While shadows dance in growing night.

My belly empty, my sweets forlorn

My feet lead on, on to the town

On an empty street I stood

A coat of silence proudly worn.

Beggars boots adorn my feet

Upon my head a princely crown

Ragged and broken

Misused, torn down, forgotten.

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Last Winter
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