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Lady de Reverie

"Will o' the Wisp"

Dear, sweet angel

My very own seraph...

You come to me in my dreams and nothing can touch the beatific euphoria your presence brings me...

The vibrations I feel from your heart resonate with me so deeply that they could shatter any scale

The energy I feel from your spirit shakes me through to mine

I've never felt anything like it...

The first time I encountered you,

It felt as though you were an untameable queen

Willful and proud, but focused...

You know what you want and you'll have it

Obstacles are nil but petty formality

You inspire me.

You're such a jolt to my soul that talking to you feels like prayer

Teach me how to pray...

I want to know you in your entirety

I want to be able to understand you with no mistakes

Give me the key to your heart through beautiful words of your experience

Give me heavy confidences and each one will feel like a blessing.

You're such a precious idea

I want nothing more in this world than to cherish your concept...

You can trust me with your heart, darling.

You mean the world to me.

I'll never make a move to tame you...

I'll never let anything harm you

If you give me a task,

I'll never fail you

Given all of these words,

Know that my heart is yours

Do with it what you will.

But please, my love, tread upon it lightly...

I would like to keep dreaming forever.

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Lady de Reverie
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