James Fuentes
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La Gala

What Would Never Be

I see her face

Wondering about every detail

So sweet yet seductive

My heart beat is overly Productive

No reason behind it

Feeling the internal dance

Lights accent the floor

Cool surface in which people dance

Passion in everyone’s soul

Then I take her hand

And it be face to face

Such a smile

Her dark eyes glean of beauty

The live band makes emotion sing

Each movement so Beautiful

For all I see is her

Forgetting those around

A white dress hugs her body

Slowly I want to get closer

But restraint I must practice

For no be her answer

Okay this be

For I saw past that beautiful face

Ignoring her curves and purest of physical


For past all physicality

She revealed her emotionality

While accenting the internal musicality

That be her beauty

Slowly I retreat from the plane of want

Looking at what I saw in her face

I must take pride

For I danced

With the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen

And can’t have

James Fuentes

Young individual who studies anthropology at SUNY Brockport with a voice that hopes to change the world through the two oldest aspect of civilization in which be communication and emotion.  

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La Gala
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