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La Cassiopeia

The Soul

The soul is the piece of body which is missing.

We pace through life meaning to occupy our time with trivial matters.

We let go of instinct and trust purely in reason.

The soul is the piece of body that is boundless.

We travel in search of it, keeping track of our nothings.

Edged upon it, we never see it, just feel it.

The soul of the piece of body which can be tamed.

We search and search and search for materialist implements to be happy.

We never realize that what need to be happy... is each other.

The soul is the piece of body that I have found in my light that keeps burning over me in the darkest of times.

Though she may seem far in the sky, she is close at heart.

Though I only see her for a small window, that window seems limitless when I see her.

The soul is the piece of body that I have found in my dear moonlight.

I have found my soul. 

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La Cassiopeia
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